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How about your retirement nest egg?

When I entered the main strem workforce about 17 years ago, I was pleasently surprised with all the perks that came along.  Awesome healthcare for my husband and daughter, innovative retirement plans, wonderful perks and incentivies to stay at my company for longivity.

One of the most interesting things I was introduced  to was the concept of the 401K for retirment.  Of course my company sold me on this perk by matching my contributions up to 10%, at the exact time I invested into they stock market, they promised and did, match the exact same amount.  They touted the advantages of the ‘K” plan and the ways that it would help me acheive my retirements goals.

Lets face it, I was 21…. thought I would have the rest of my life to save and within one year…well I had amassed the fortune of 10000 dollars.  Now then, my company closed and I was faced with unemployment and a move across the country so I did what all 22 years old would do and pulled my money out of the “K” where I promptly lost all the matching that my company had done. 

That was it.  I didn’t rejoin the workforce until 2007.  I currenly work for a large reputable bank but dang….have things changed.  Health insurance sucks!  No perks for longeivity and my 401K has the worst mutual funds and money markets to choose from as well as matching only comes at the end of the year so if there are returns on investment during the year while I buy in, I don’t get to take advantage of these with my company matching. 

But don’t worry, since 2007, I haven’t earned a dime on anything I’ve invest or from the money that I have invested.  In fact, I’ve lost about 25%, so basically 401K are a horrible way to invest my money. 

So, I’m not selling stocks or changing my moderatel risky portfolio…..but I am making other plans for retirement.  I would love to hear from someone who has not lost money in their 401K over a longer term but I have a feeling I won’t hear from anyone.

Cause I don’t think they exist.